HDF5 (*.h5) file reading in ParaView

Can ParaView read *.h5 file format ?

I was trying in Version 5.8.0-RC2 in my windows machine. From the file type menu, I can see there are several *.h5 options. I have tried selecting all fo them, looks like no luck. In every case, I am getting an error.

I was trying to read the 3D output files from CONVERGE 3.0 (output format is HDF 5).

Any recommendation?

thanks in advance

I’m not sure if this will help, but the med file format is derived from HDF5

Welcome to ParaView @kirit_101.

ParaView 5.9 will have a CONVERGE CFD reader that I believe will work for CONVERGE 3.0 output files. You can try it out on Windows by downloading a ParaView nightly build from https://www.paraview.org/download/. Set the Version to nightly and download one of the links that starts with ParaView-latest-*.


Thanks @todoooo and @cory.quammen

Yes Now I am able to load the data. what is the tentative time frame for ParaView 5.9 stable release ?

Great, thanks for trying it out! Look for it at the end of September, 2020.

Thanks for the new version. Is there any Linux version 5.9 with GUI coming out to try?

Yes, when 5.9 is release it will include a linux version with a GUI.