hdf5 to xmdf or nrrd - invalid texture dimensions error


I have some data contained in a hdf5 file and I want to visualize it in Paraview. It’s a 1.4 GB dataset so I am using remote rendering.
First I tried it using xmdf but I got the error:

ERROR: In vtkXdmfHeavyData.cxx, line 1224
vtkXdmfReader (0x2285dd0): Failed to read attribute data

Warning: In vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy.cxx, line 872
vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy (0000011E29D16BC0): Failed to determine the LookupTable being used.

I also tried getting the data into a nrrd file, but I got the

invalid texture dimensions error

I wonder if you could take a look at the dataset and let me know what I am doing wrong or better strategies to load it.

here’s the link to the dataset

Thanks for the help