Help finding source code for dataset_adapter.VTKUnstructuredGrid

Hi there,

I’m attempting to get better understandings for programmable filters, but have yet to find information fo this type paraview.vtk.numpy_interface.dataset_adapter.UnstructuredGrid. Where can I find the source code to inspect to learn more about this?

Sorry this seems like a question that searching should have just taken care of, but I’m really not find very many clues even as I look through the gitlab for paraview.

I also found this, vtk.numpy_interface.dataset_adapter — BrainSpace 0.1.4 documentation , but I don’t know if it’s for 5.11 paraview.

I’ve also tried locating things on my installation by importing and running module.__file__ which would get me the location on my system, but I’d love to know if I wanted to read online where I can find that material.


oh wait I’m probably assuming that paraview holds the source for this file and it’s VTK’s source instead. Let me call off the hunt!

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