Help on Performance Analysis for Paraview

Dear Experts,

Could you please give me some suggestions on performance analysis for paraview?, especially on reader, mesh and render parts.

I know from paraview’s menu “Tools”-> “Time Log”, i can get some information about running time, but it is only some general, not detail enough.

And I can also use paraview’s command line options: -verbosity and -log to output some running time information into log files, but this need change source codes and the result is not very obvious, not visualized in a user friendly way.

And i also tried other profiling tools, but i havent find any very desirable tools…

Any point me to any good tools?

I working more on windows, for Linux tools also welcomed!

Best Regards,

I recommend the profiling framework in
These are build on top of the logs that you see in “Tools->Time Log” with some “View->Memory Inspector” results thrown in for good measure.

With these you can run some batch pipeline, gather the timer logs to a file, and analyze the logs after the fact on some other machine. The analysis will tell you what filter and what render component is taking up what amount of time and memory either per frame or summed across all frames.

See the top level benchmark for an example.

Thank you Dave for your reply!
I will have a try,
Best Regards!