Help renaming objects from CSV data table

I am working to create a network of a lot of spheres in paraview. I have coordinates and their respective names in a spreadsheet that I imported to paraview as a CSV. I am creating everything through the python shell using loops because there are over 900 different spheres I need to visualize.
I have successfully created the network of spheres, but the next step is to create tubes that connect all these spheres (the tube data is in the format of startnode: node4 endnode: node5 which is meant to connect node 4 and 5) The problem I am having is I cannot rename the spheres I have created using their names that are in the spreadsheet with their coordinates. The names are in the format of integers. I am attaching my algorithm I have now that works and renames the spheres as “node1, node2, node3, etc” but I need to call a specific cell from my spreadsheet to be the name of the spheres.

from paraview.simple import *

table = FindSource(‘nodes test - Sheet1.csv’)

#Create a TableToPoints filter to convert table data into points
tableToPoints = TableToPoints(Input=table)
tableToPoints.XColumn = ‘x’ # Set the X column
tableToPoints.YColumn = ‘y’ # Set the Y column
tableToPoints.ZColumn = ‘z’ # Set the Z column

#Update to ensure the filter is applied

#Get the output data
outputData = servermanager.Fetch(tableToPoints)

#Set radius of nodes
radius = 25 # Diameter of 50

#Loop over each point in the output data and create spheres
for i in range(outputData.GetNumberOfPoints()):
x, y, z = outputData.GetPoint(i)
sphere = Sphere()
sphere.Center = [x, y, z]
sphere.Radius = radius
sphere_name = f"node{i+1}"
RenameSource(sphere_name, sphere)


Are you trying to create molecules ?

No, I am trying to visualize a network of micro-blood vessels. The 900+ nodes represent where the vessels intersect each other. The way the segment data is presented, it requires the segments to call certain nodes (out of order) in order to connect two nodes to each other. The vasculature is incredibly tangled and disorganized and there is no way to change the data as of now.