Help using ImageReader and .raw files

Hello, I am having some trouble getting my data to load. It is currently in .raw format and I obtained it from the 2004 IEEE Viz contest. When I load the data, I set the data scalar type to float, byte order to BigEndian and data extent to (0,499,0,499,0,99). I also change the representation to Volume. Each variable has 48 time steps, and I get the same result whether I load one time step or all 48. For example, if I load QCLOUD this is the result I get:

In addition, here is the link to the dataset and information about the dataset:

Any help would be appreciated.

Its a 34G dataset. Do you have something smaller that shows the same issue ?

Unfortunately I do not. It is possible to only download one data file though. I was doing some more research into what the issue is, and interesting enough I did find this link:

The section Read a Raw File into Paraview uses the same data as an example. However, I don’t understand what the example is showing exactly.

If you want to see a .raw file in ParaView working without issue, here is one:

HeadMRVolume.raw (122.1 KB)

raw.pvsm (206.7 KB)

Here are couple examples of how the data should look with iso-surface extraction and volume rendering:

I am just wondering why when I load the data and change the representation to volume, I only get an outline of the coastline and no actual data. The same goes with iso-surface extraction.

The issue has been solved. Although the link mentions the data is in float, I changed the data type to int and it comes through now.

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