Help using TextureMapTo_X

I’m new to ParaView and trying to map an image onto geometry. In particular, a blue marble image onto a sphere. I create a sphere source, add a TextureMapToSphere but I don’t see a way to specify the texture… Online documentation says there should be a “Pickable Texture” in the properties section, but It’s not showing up in my version… I’m using 5.10.1, Linux.


Hi Dave,
I didn’t take the time to actually run this, but think I know your issue. Sources/ Sphere. TextureMapToSphere. This sounds dumb, but the texture map controls are generic to many filters, thus we try to protect users from “noise”. Turn on the Advanced Properties Tab. That’s the little gear to the right of the search box. Texture controls are about 1/3 the way down the Properties tab.


To add a little more context (particularly for future users who find this question from Google), the TextureMapToSphere filters just create texture coordinates on geometry. They do not apply the texture itself. The texture is a display property that can be found in the properties panel (in the advanced properties). There is where you can load a texture from a file and apply it to the rendering. The texture mapping will use the texture coordinates from the aforementioned filter.