Help with error message: In vtkDataArray.cxx, line 525 vtkIdTypeArray Type mismatch: Source: float Dest: idtype

When selecting cells and performing “Plot selection over time”, paraview gives following error:

ERROR: In /build/paraview-vlxewD/paraview-5.7.0/VTK/Common/Core/vtkDataArray.cxx, line 525 vtkIdTypeArray (0x55bae0649ea0): Type mismatch: Source: float Dest: idtype

And the plot of my variables with time I get is wrong.
Please help me fix this, I couldn’t find any thread resolving this problem.

please share a data to reproduce the issue.

Hello Mathieu,

I use my own custom solver, so can only share data, which is 1.2 GB in size.
Is it okay if I send you its google drive link?

Also, I wanted to ask: how does paraview calculates average, max and min value of field variables. Like when I select the cells of my model and get plot over time, what does it do (operating scheme) to calculate these values. Any source code I could look into, because I am unable to search any. Just need to make sure of what it’s doing.

Samridh Sharma


vtkProbeLineFilter :

Hello Mathieu,

Following is the link to my data : cavity - Google Drive

What I have been doing so far:

  1. Load case.foam on paraview.
  2. select complete mesh (through) //using ‘f’ from keyboard
  3. Select Plot selection over time, and Apply
  4. Plot completes and error is there in output message.

The U_0 is causing these issues (as well as instabilities). I suspect a small bug in the OpenFOAMReader and in ParaView in general.

A simple work around is to uncheck U_0 in the OpenFOAM reader cell arrays to load.

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@olesenm FYI

Thanks, this works!

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Was waiting for an issue, or consensus on this, but already have the following code roughed in the OpenFOAM reader:

    else if (len > 2 && (fieldFile[len - 2] == '_') && (fieldFile[len - 1] == '0'))
      // Exclude "*_0" restart files

I would vote for ignoring these restart files, but someone else should make it a VTK issue instead of me just deciding this unilaterally.

I have no idea what these array are for, but they should not break ParaView. Is the issue related to the name ?