Help with using streamlines

Is anyone able to help with manipulating streamlines? The picture below shows the internal volume of a house, there is a heater in the living room, represented by a box and I’m blowing warm air from one of the faces of the heater. I’ve managed to make streamlines show, swirling about the living area and snaking out through and open window at the rear of the house. I’ve changed the background and a colour preset for the temperature but the tracers are showing only just above the temperature of the air. How do I change the scale of the tempteratures? The air blowing out of that heater is warmer than the surroundings, I’d like to show it as in the warmer part of the scale. The second pic must be the wrong way.

Hello. ParaView shows you the real temperatures in mesh cells streamlines pass through. If you want to emphasise the temperature gradient along the streamlines, just set the narrow temperature range (button with the “C” letter in the upper toolbar, “Rescale to custom data range”). If you want then something else, like non-linear scale, you can try to change the transfer function for the colour scale, like on your second picture. Sorry if I didn’t understand what you want.

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Thankyou Andrew, I thought there’d be something like that. I’ve got some contrasting colour now between the cool house and the warm air from the heater. Next I’ll be trying to see if I can show those tubelines cooling as they get further from the heater. Are you aware of any tutorials that demonstrate these tools? - there are a few more buttons in the toolbar.

Not sure I understand correctly, but if you want to show the lowering
temperature along streamlines, you only need to adjust the temperature
scale. If you want the Tube filter to thicken streamlines like on
those “nice pictures” (for example, on ParaView splashscreen), just
apply this filter, then adjust the radius and lighting (if you want
exact colours like on the scale, use ambient light only with 1.0
intensity, otherwise you can make streamlines look better, with
default lighting, but colours will be darker that on the scale).
I’m not aware of any special tutorials. Here is official one:

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Thanks Andrew, that’s helpful, I’m just wanting to get the feel of it and have been stumped for a while. This will eventually be an educational example. (TAFE level). I’ve found the Paraview Tutorial which got me going but the Paraview Guide looks like what I need to get to the next step.