Hey, please find the attachment

Continuing the discussion from Surf plot:

time_100.vtk (1008.2 KB)

Here is an exampel : state3DSurf.pvsm (382.8 KB)

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Thanks for it. But i really want to know how to do it as i would need a few more in the near future.

Is there any hidden function to plot such a surface in Paraview?

Just use the statefile I provided, it shows you how to do it.

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I think my version 4.4.0 does not support this extension. Do i need the latest version?

Yes if you can.

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I am still struggling to open this file. I chose it from file, load state file and this is the outcome.
How to fix it? and how to change the background to other color of choice?


when you load the state file, you can choose to point the file in use to a specific file on your system, please do that.

Whatever I chose among these options, there is an error.

“Choose file name” and then point to the right location on your computer.

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Cool. Thanks.
1 question more. Can i play around with the background color? Something light color would be suitable for the publication in journals, i guess.

Yes, display properties on the left.

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Marf and Mathieu,
It is better to change the background colors thorugh the color palette. That is the little palette icon to the left of the “play” time icons. The background color change (which is an advanced item in the Properties tab, by the way) messes with the palette. If colors DO get messed up, you have to delete your configuration files.


Sounds like a bug @wascott.

@cory.quammen @utkarsh.ayachit Agree.