Hidden variables in ParaView

Dear PV devs and users,

Is it possible to define an invisible field (say p_hidden)?

Invisible means that the variable is physically present in the .vtm, but cannot be accessed in PV (not shown in the drop down menu, nor in the information summary etc.)

Thank you,

Not to my knowledge.

Thank you very much for your reply.

What I am trying to do is to store some metadata (a table, some columns are digits, some are text) in a .vtm file. Currently, I store it as FieldData on a vtkMultiBlockDataSet. However, the column names keep appearing in the drop down menu with other variables and in the information section (i.e. min, max values, which are meaningless and misleading for this data).

Hence I was hoping to make the data hidden or invisible.
Are there any other ways to store (tabulated) metadata, apart from point, cell and field arrays?

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Thanks for clarifying. You can hide arrays from the color array list only (not the information panel) by heading to Edit -> Settings (Preferences on macOS), clicking on the Color Arrays tab, then entering the names of arrays you want to not show.