Hide a filter from Filter Search List


I’m looking for a way to hide a particular filter from the filter search list while still being available to the state file load process.

If I change the ProxyGroup name attribute from “filters” to something else, my state file crashes.

The purpose of this is to minimize pollution while keeping the functionality of deprecated plugins.

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Not supported yet.

An alternative solution would be to add the filter you are commonly using as Favorites and then use the Favorites menu.

The quick search menu is not impacted by favorites though, but it should be in some way I think.

Thank you for the prompt response, Mathieu. I guess it’s really just a nice to have. We are still using ParaView 5.6, which does not have the “Favorite” feature, but I’ll keep that in mind for when we switch to 5.7. For now, we will follow the same pattern as the vtkPVGlyphFilter.

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I thought if a filter was named “FooInternal” it wouldn’t show up in the filter lists. Dunno if that would help with your existing state files, though.

I’m thinking of vtkPVExtractSelection with the label “Extract Selection (internal)” from filters.xml…

It is not shown because it is not present in the ParaViewFilters.xml file.
Even though, OP is asking how to hide an existing filter (let say Clip), which is not doable.