Hierarchical data format in 5.9.0-RC2

We are looking to make use of the new hierarchical data format released with 5.9.0-RC2 in order to increase memory efficiency for volume rendering of 3D Multigrid data. This new feature for volume rendering was mentioned in the release blog but the documentation is lacking. Does anyone know how to utilize this feature?

Could you quote the part of the release notes to help us figure out what format your are referring to?

Grant - Welcome to the ParaView community!

If your data is unstructured, I believe the 5.9.0 release has new interprocess communication code that makes volume rendering around an order of magnitude faster. You may want to try 5.9.0, with a remote server.

I am referring to the information at time stamps 3:36 - 4:10 in this video released for SC20 https://vimeo.com/471529336/68549c7bca
where you discuss the composite datasets of multiple regular grids in order to improve quality and speed of 3D volume rendering.