High quality animation

Hello everyone,

I am trying to save my animation, but want to keep the size small, and quality of the simulation good.

Whenever I use lock view size the resolution of the video goes down, which I don’t want to.
Here is the video which I had created

As you can see the resolution of the video has gone down. I want to keep the view area the same but the resolution has to be high. How can I go about it?
It would be helpful if anyone gives me feedback on this, as I am working on my project

VTK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eN79xMyed0Uj9Uyugv5YSskwtzXsquTn
These were the files used to create the animation

Hi Samanvith,
There are really three items you can change with movies (.avi’s). You get to choose two, the third is forced from your initial choice. They are: movie quailty, movie dimension and movie size. Choose any two. The more you compress your movies (movie quality), the smaller the size and the poorer the quality. Obviously, if you have a smaller dimension movie, there are fewer pixels, and the size goes down.

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Thank you @wascott