Histogram Bin Width


When plotting Histograms, is it possible to set “bin width”?
I am using ParaView 5.6.0 64-bit, and my options for histograms are: (1) center bins around min and max, (2) calculate averages, and (3) use custom bin ranges. The last option has 2 inputs that I am not familiar with or I do not know how to use.

My goal is to establish a bin width of 0.1. Therefore, I will have an x-axis from 0 to 1 with 10 bins that range from 0-0.1 , 0.1-0.2 , 0.2-0.3 , 0.3-0.4 , 0.4-0.5 , 0.5-0.6 , 0.6-0.7 , 0.7-0.8 , 0.8-0.9 , … , 0.9-1.
Thank you.

There is no direct way to set the bins ranges. You will have to use the Bin Count and Use Custom Bin Ranges options and do the math to set the ranges how you want.

The Use Custom Bin Ranges let you select the minimum and maximum values to use in the range. So if you want your histogram to have an x-axis from 0 to 1, set the first (minimum) Custom Bin Range to 0 and the second (maximum) Custom Bin Range to 1. The size of each bin will be (\mathrm{Range_{max}} - \mathrm{Range_{min}})/(\mathrm{Bin~Count}).

So to get the 10 bins that you asked for, set Bin Count to be 10 and then select Use Custom Bin Ranges and set Custom Bin Ranges from 0 to 1.

Thank you Kenneth,

I posted this question earlier but I realized I didn’t phrased it well. So I decided to post the same question in a better way.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the reply.