Histogram 'calculate average' bug?

It notice in Paraview 5.8 that when I use histogram and the calculate average option after a clip, the calculate average data would return junk if the bin size is large enough. Is this a bug?

Data looks ok in the histogram before the clip

Same setting of histogram on a clipped data. Note the junk data generated.

Example test state file based on (Create spheres from data containing positions and radius)
debug-histogram.pvsm (569.8 KB)
example-points.csv (343 Bytes)

I tried couple more times, loading the state file directly may not result the error. One may need to change the number of bin (ex: from 500 to 1000) to see the junk data.

There is definitelly something going on. It seems to be linked to the custom bin range min being 0.

Can you try finding a simpler way to reproduce the issue ?