HoloPlayCore is propreitary software?

I am packaging ParaView for Flatpak and publish on Flathub for Linux distributions.

I found out about ParaView support Looking Glass hardware. Which need HoloPlayCore?

But I think HoloPlayCore is propiertary, from there license file in the tar ball.

I am not allow to download, build, and distribute ParaView with HoloPlayCore?



Thanks for your work packaging ParaView for Flatpack!

You are correct that HoloPlayCore contains proprietary libraries that are not open source. As a result, HoloPlayCore source code is not available for packaging. We do have approval from Looking Glass Factory to package ParaView with the Looking Glass plugin for distribution on Flathub, subject to whatever restrictions Flathub may have on applications with non-open-source components, so please feel free to include it in the Flatpak.

Thank you,