How can I adjust the starting step of the STL files?

Hello everyone, I am creating rectangular box that contains grains. The box is filled using pluviation first and then pressed with a top cap plate. All the described sequences are saved as VTK files (grains) and STL files (plate and walls).

The file names of the VTK and STL files include step numbers.

Since the top cap plate(topcap_stl_*.stl) is created at step number 1,000,000, it should appear when the grain pluviation is finished(step number of 1,000,000). However, when I open the top cap plate STL files in ParaView, they start from the beginning of the simulation.

How can I change the start time of the STL files that are automatically imported by ParaView?"


This is information of topcap_stl_*

The reason ParaView does not align the time of your vtk and stl files is that neither of these file formats actually store the simulation time. ParaView just assumes that the first file is at time 0, the next at time 1, and so on.

There are multiple ways to get the two file series to align, but if starting at step number 1,000,000 the two file series have time steps the are aligned, you can use the Temporal Shift Scale filter on your stl input to shift the start relative to the correct step in the vtk file series.

Thank you Kenneth,

Appreciate. :slight_smile: