How can I apply a streamtrace to a 2D csv file?

I’ve looked through the other available posts on here, but none of the suggestions work. I have a structured table with columns X, Y, n, u0, a, […] where my data is 2-Dimensional. I would like to apply a stream trace to the 2D data using ux as the x velocity and uy as the y velocity (I will likely use a ‘calculator’ filter to compute momentum, but for now I just want to get it working).

The CSV is structured such that the Y column holds ‘0’ for rows 1 to 51 while X sweeps from -1 to 1, then Y increments and X sweeps from -1 to 1 again, and so forth. I’ve tried the ‘table to structured grid’ filter, but it keeps giving the error messages

ERROR: In /build/paraview/src/ParaView-v5.8.1/VTK/Filters/General/vtkTableToStructuredGrid.cxx, line 88

vtkTableToStructuredGrid (0x55d31518fa90): The input table must have exactly 5406 rows. Currently it has 250 rows.

I can generate a result using a ‘table to points’ -> ‘Dalaunay2D’, but the streamtrace option remains grayed out. How can I generate a streamtrace using paraview? This is a trivial matter in tecplot360, but I prefer to use paraview for other reasons.

Many thanks,Output.csv (9.0 KB)

Regarding your TableToStructuredGrid issue, here is why it is not working:

  1. You also need a Z array containing only zeroes, you can add it using the calculator
  2. You need to specify the extent, in your case it is 0-49, 0-4, 0-0

See the attached state file: struct.pvsm (240.4 KB)