How can I make use of interactive select points when I am using volume rendering in paraview?

I have a 3d data set and I have created a 3d volume render of the dataset. I want to display the values of the data when I hover the cursor over the 3d volume, but that is not happening. I have observed that "interactive select points " works fine when I use a surface render. So is it possible to make use of "interactive select points " when being in volume render or is there any different ways to do it?

Not possible afaik. You could first convert your dataset into a point cloud, that would let you interactive select through all of it.

@mwestphal Thank you for the response.

I would like to know how do I convert my dataset into point cloud ?

The simplest way (currently) is to use FIndData to select all your points and the ExtractSelection filter.

@mwestphal Thank you. I will look into it.

@mwestphal I executed the steps that were suggested by you. But at the end in order to use the “interactive select points,” I have to represent my cube in the surface rendering. But I want the representation to stay in volume and use the interactive select points.
Here is my representation of my dataset for reference.
21cm_BT.pvsm (278.7 KB)

Show both the volume and the result of the extraction.

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