How can I save point labels created with 'Find data'?

Hallo everyone!

I am using Paraview version 5.10.1 on LinuxMint 21.1.
In my multi-region result I created point labels with ‘Find data’ as shown in the image below.
But how can I save these labels? They are only shown as long as they are in ‘Find data’. When clicking ‘Extract’ only the point information is saved in ExtractSelection not the labels. When picking new points in another flow region in ‘Find data’, the labels created initially are gone. How can I save/extract the labels together with the points so that I can switch them on/off in the pipline browser as needed?

To my knowledge, VTK (and thus ParaView) doesn’t have a file format for vtkSelection objects – which is what Find data creates. That leaves you with the option of extracting the selection (which should create a new entry in the Pipeline Browser) and saving that pipeline’s data out.

Thank you David. I think I did what you describe by clicking on the ‘Extract’ button (in the image on the right under the points table), which creates an ‘ExtractSelection’ object in the pipeline browser. But this seems to contain only the point information, not the label information.
Well, actually, here starts where I get totally confused, some label settings such as point and font color seems to be saved. But the labels are only displayed again, when I select the points once again, one by one, so they are loaded again into ‘Find data’. If ‘Find data’ is empty, only the tiny points from ‘ExtractSelection’ are shown in the 3D view, but not the labels.

Indeed, you cant save the selection annotations sadly. You would need to add a “Annotate Attribute Data” filter on text extract selection first.