How can I upload local files to paraview glance through post/get request?

Hello. I’m newby and trying to upload multiple local files, image and poly data, to my local paraview glance server through post/get request.
Wish I’m good at JS enough to read and modify paraviewweb source code but I’m not.
So I’m running additional Django app server to show my local database and choose to send data to glance.

what is or where can I find files upload form?

ParaView Glance does not provide or expect any specific server. Everything is client based.

If you want an upload form, it seems that you want to create it via Django. Unless, you just want to load local files with glance. In which case, the “Open” button in Glance would be enough and won’t involve any upload/download of your file as everything will remain on local to your machine.

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Thanks for answer.

Does ‘client base’ means if I go to and open my local file.
the file never uploaded but stays in my computer and browser do the work?
So no get or post request ever happened after the page loaded?

I guess I just follow this answer

Thanks a lot.

You are correct, nothing leaves your computer, but for security reason, you can not automate the loading of a local file. It requires a human action to click on the button and pick the file you want to load locally.