How can we export a VTU object as an htms/js object that can be opened in a we b browser?

I have several 3D models that I’m visualizing. I would like to convert them into 3D models in HTML/JS so that I can share them on my webpage and users can interact with it. How can I do this?
I tried the “export scene” option and exported it to a vtkjs object, but that file could not be opened by web browsers. How can I achieve this?

If you show the advanced option, you can generate an HTML file rather than just the data. Also you can use HTML app like that one to load that file and display it.

Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I added the Macro to my paraview by going to add a new macro option. However, when I click on it and try to run, nothing happens. Using ParaView version 5.11.0. Is it possible to view these files locally without web app? How can I open this vtkjs file?

Not sure that I follow what you mean by macro.

But to view vtkjs file locally, you should first download that HTML locally.

  1. Double click on the HTML file on your desktop (or where ever you’ve downloaded it)
  2. Drag your vtkjs file to the page that opened in step 1.
  3. Done
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And if you do the html export like I mentioned earlier, you would get an HTML file directly that you can double click on it.

Thanks, it is working when I restarted my browser.

Thanks, this is what I’m looking for. I thin this option will be easier to upload to a webpage. Can you please explain the steps? Which advanced options should I click?