How do I read data from the .dat or .txt file into Paraview

I have a .dat/.txt file containing variables such as x,y,z position, velocity and etc. However I’m not sure what reader should I open it with and how to plot them into Paraview.hydb00t110.dat (1.8 MB)

Rename your file into .csv or .txt and then open it with ParaView and use TableToPoints filter.

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Thank you

Hello Mathieu,

In line with the same topic, I too have a .txt file of a structured hexahedral grid and velocity field containing 4 columns; X, Y, Z, Velocity.

I performed TableToPoints filter but do not know how to proceed further. I wish to plot the iso-surface clipping of velocity field, for the span of X-Z plane, with color contours of Y distance.

I am very new to ParaView, and all documentations & tutorials mention .vtu files as input. However, there is no clear guide for processing data with .txt file input.

Kindly help me on how to proceed form TableToPoints filter


does TableToStructuredGrid works for you ?

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No. I am getting the following errors :

ERROR: In C:\glr\builds\paraview\paraview-ci\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\Filters\General\vtkTableToStructuredGrid.cxx, line 89
vtkTableToStructuredGrid (000002C467B1C6B0): The input table must have exactly 1 rows. Currently it has 2119450 rows.

ERROR: In C:\glr\builds\paraview\paraview-ci\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\Common\ExecutionModel\vtkExecutive.cxx, line 753
vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (000002C46FC4C0B0): Algorithm vtkTableToStructuredGrid(000002C467B1C6B0) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (000002C46F19DB20)
Debug: Off
Modified Time: 3517643
Reference Count: 1
Registered Events: (none)

Warning: In C:\glr\builds\paraview\paraview-ci\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\Common\DataModel\vtkDataObject.cxx, line 498
vtkTable (000002C44563B1A0): Attempted to ShallowCopy from null.

Please share your file

Hello Mathieu,

Over the weekend, I did some trials and I have successfully completed TableToStructuredGrid filter. I have also found the filter to clip the data.

Thanks for your support. If I face any issues in future, I shall start a new thread.

Thanks and Regards

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