How do I set VRPN for gamepad joystick?

I want to use the logitech wireless gamepad to control the model in PV. I have connect the VRPN server, and the button input had tested using vrpn_print_device, where I can get the input singnal. However, I couldn’t control the model in the scene.

#vrpn config
vrpn_Joywin32 joyWin32 1 60 2 35

input tested by vrpn_print_device

configuretion for VRPN in PV

gamepad I used

cc: @Scott_Wittenburg

I personally haven’t tried the vtkVRStylusStyle, possibly @Sherman, William R. (Ctr) is familiar with it and could provide some insight. I have had success moving objects around using the vtkVRGrabTransformStyle and vtkVRGrabPointStyle classes, you might experiment with one of those.


thanks all.