How do I setup a camera that follows a specific path?

Hi all, I’m new to this software. Right now I’m using paraview 5.9.

I have an object and it’s moving in y axis with varing speed. How can I set up a camera to trace it? I’ve tried adding a camera that would follow the data but it’s not exactly what I want. I need the camera to follow a path of y(t) with x and z fixed. Can anyone show me how? Thank you!

Use the “Follow Path” feature of the animation and setup your path as needed.

Thanks Mathieu. Can the “Follow Path” feature take in a function y(t) or do I have to set up every point manually?

Sadly, you need to set the points manually.

FYI @nicolas.vuaille

From the Sandia ParaView tutorial:

"One way to create tracks in 3d space is to use Interpolate Camera Location, and place the control points onto a plane. Then, copy these control points, and then copy them into the 3d simulation you want to animate. "

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