how does bumpmapping work?

I’m sorry for this basic question, but I don’t seem to get bump mapping to work on a simple problem. Is there an example somewhere?
I just have a box and put a texture on it. I copied the normal texture image from here:
(I have loaded the Embossing plugin and I have switched on OSPRay) I select Bump Mapped Surface in Representation. I do not see a difference when going from surface to BMS. The options in bump mapped surface do not seem to have any effect. So what am I missing here?

Hi @bigfooted ,

Please share your data and screenshots,


Hi @mwestphal, I created a simple setup here:

it’s just a cube with a texture. I do not see a difference between switching from Bump Mapped Surface to a regular Surface.

roughWood.png is missing

In any case, bump mapped is not related to texturing at all. You need data on your dataset to use it.