How does one enable COSMOTOOLS in 5.9.1?

Hello there
Am having an issue compiling the COSMOTOOLS.

So, it seems that PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_ENABLE_GenericIOReader is enabled by default, and that is good. It compiles OK on my first compilation. Then I configure a second time and set PARAVIEW_ENABLE_COSMOTOOLS=ON

and the configure fails with:

Could NOT find GenericIO (missing: GENERIC_IO_INCLUDE_DIR

this seems incongruous since it was able to compile GenericIO on the first pass, but it does not know where to find it on a second pass? :roll_eyes:

my attempt to set it

let me go past the configure step, but compilation fails.

Any hint would be appreciated. TIA.

I reproduce, but I’m not sure this is actually an issue. You safest bet would be to try with the superbuild and see how it is configured.

FYI @ben.boeckel

there’s quite a bit of footwork to do, but here is the recipe:


you must compile a version of GenericIO outside of ParaView. The source is here

cd genericio-master-a15ffc76cfa9f9674f933e8cb5ffc97a97fd7b27/

that version is missing installed rules and it must be patched
the patch is here

patch < genericio-add-install-rules.patch
mkdir build && cd build && ccmake … && make install

All that is left to do is to set the GenericIO_DIR to where you installed genericio and recompile ParaView.


And alternative is to use the superbuild if you can.

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