how does one select a desired portion of surface image (.obj) without using the mouse? please help!

hi ParaView folks,

I have several thousand 3D surface files (.obj) of patient’s faces with different conditions. I also have excel spreadsheet data for each patient giving me the exact x,y,z surface locations for the facial landmarks of interest. I want to use the landmarks in x,y,z point format to select or extract certain regions of the face for further measurements and comparisons.

I can read the facial .obj files into ParaView, then add the facial landmarks of interest by entering the values into a Python array and using them to create a polyline. But how do I SELECT or EXTRACT the surface region enclosed by the polyline without using the mouse for selection? With several thousand files, the entire process has to be automated.

Most sincerely and greatfully appreciated,
Mike Hairfield
post-doc UW Seattle