How to add black line to color map

Hi, the color map of my vorticity contour looks like:


Is there any way to make it become:
that is use black line to divide different colors?

And any question is I use discretized color with 12 parts, so the contour looks like:

Is there any method to add black line to different color area, like the following

Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks!

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First question: there is no way in ParaView to draw black lines between colors in the color legend as you show.

Second question: you can add a Contour filter on your dataset and add 12 contour values, each of which is the value where your color legend changes. Color the resulting lines by Solid color and change that color to black. You would have to determine the contour filters.

Hi Cory,

I cannot add contour filter to my vtk file.

What data arrays are available? I’ll bet your data set has only cell data arrays, or point data arrays with multiple components. Feel free to attach one if you can share the data.

Hi Cory, my dataset is vtk file, and the data file is 4M, too big to upload, so I attach the screen shot here.

Please post a screenshot of the data arrays in the Information panel.

Ok, this is the information of data file.

Hi Cory, I open the “auto convert properties” in paraview and now I can add the contour filter. But I met another problem relating to the color of transfer function values. As shown in figure, I set the color within certain range of value as white, and it shows in the color legend, but the contour seems to be grey not white, why would this happen?

Lighting is applied to the surface, Since the light isn’t bouncing directly off the surface to the camera, white appears gray.

You can effectively disable lighting by changing these Display properties to these values:

Specular Power: 0
Ambient: 1
Diffuse: 0