How to adjust Glyph pivot in 3D vector field visualization

When visualizing my vector field using Tecplot or similar tools, the arrow pivot can be set to head, mid, or tail. I specifically need the pivot set to mid to ensure that the three-dimensional arrows are predominantly aligned within a single plane. Since my data represents a three-dimensional block, I want to avoid inconsistencies where some arrows protrude while others appear recessed. Paraview glyph defaults to a tail pivot, which can result in uneven arrow alignments. I am seeking guidance on how to adjust the pivot to mid to maintain consistent arrow alignment within a specific plane for a more uniform visualization of the three-dimensional vector field.

Please share some data and a screenshot of the issue

In my dataset, some vector fields point upwards while others point downwards. I would like the glyph pivots to be in the middle so that a vector field on a plane can be described by arrows mostly lying on the same plane.

The vector field is named field in the vtk file
polar.vtk (3.4 MB)

The pivot point of the glyphs is done on the 0,0,0 coordinate of the glyph geometry and I’m afraid the glyph filter is not flexible enough to control that.

However the 3D glyphs representation let you specify a custom geometry, so you can create an arrow and transform it as you wish before using it as a glyph.

Here is the statefile for this:

midarrow.pvsm (721.3 KB)

It works perfectly. Thank you so much