How to automate collecting Timer Log results

Hello everyone,
I have a big data set that i want to measure the rendering and data processing speeds. I just learned about Tools-> timer Log. However, it looks like i need to refresh it manually. Ideally, I want to play the animation in paraview (in multiple systems), let it finish (it takes more then 45 min) , and find the results of Timer Log saved in file.

Anyway to do this please?

Thank you,

After you run your animation, manually click “save” in the Timer Log? If you mean can you have paraview save to the timer log through a command line argument, I believe the answer is no.

Thank you for your reply. I know about the save button but that won’t work.Yes i was hoping for a command line option. Paraview crashes after the system runs out of memory. I need to collect performance data before it that happens.

With regards to memory useage, try View/ Memory Inspector.

Very good to know! thank you
But still no command line option for this future !