How to build kymograph?


Is it possible to build kymographs in ParaView? I mean plots where one of the spatial axes represents evolution in time.

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Oleksii Rukhlenko

There are Plot Data Over Time, Plot Selection Over Time, and Plot Global Variables Over Time filters. Do any of these do what you want?

No, because these instruments create 1D plots, while I am talking about 2D plots, i.e. one axis representing spatial coordinate, second axis representing time, and color representing value of the variable. This is a typical instrument for analysis of spatio-temporal biological data (, and when comparing modelling with experiments it would be convenient to present modelling data in the same way.

ParaView does not have a direct view to do what you are looking for, and there is no straightforward way to reinterpret a spacial axis as time. There might be a way to use ParaView’s animation and temporal handling tools to get what you want, but that depends on the structure of your data.

Thanks for the reply. That’s pity, but I have found a workaround.

I created sequence of grayscale images in ParaView using “Save Animation” tool, and then imported these images into ImageJ which allows making kymographs from the sequence of images.

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