How to build paraview to support paraview web?

Dear Experts,
I am trying paraview web, but don’t know how to build paraview to support web.
Current what i know is need turn on “PARAVIEW_ENABLE_WEB=ON”,
My questions:

  1. What other things need to do to build paraview to support web?
  2. Seems there are also need several python modules to support paraview web server setup, what is the nice way to get all these modules
  3. any detail document about this topic?

Thanks in advance!

ParaView superbuild bring those Python dependency into the ParaView bundle. But if you just use your build tree from ParaView and your system python. You could manually install wslink by running pip install wslink. That’s it.

Hi Seb,
That’s great!
I will have a try of my own build tree.

Best Regards,