How to build paraview with openVR

Dear PVer,
Forgive my simple question, but i cannot find useful instructions to build plugin openVR…

in build command line, I set “-DPARAVIEW_PLUGIN_ENABLE_OpenVR=ON” to enable openVR build, but it failed with error “missing: OpenVR_LIBRARY OpenVR_INCLUDE_DIR”…

then i download openVR source code from:

and add these two definition in build command line

the build is successful, but to run this run application will need openvr_api.dll

my questions:

  • Is this the right way to build paraview openVR?

  • When search released paraview, there is no such lib openvr_api.dll?

Could you please help me!


That is correct, openvr_api.dll comes with the OpenVR SDK you cloned. Just copy it into the directory where your paraview.exe file is and it should find it.

Thank you Ken for your kind reply!
The confusion for me is: when i down load the latest paraview 5.8.1, why i cannot find such openvr_api.dll, it is renamed or using static link? or something else?

Many thanks for your answers!
Best Regards,