How to calculate circulation in paraview ?

Dear Foamers,

I have a cuboidal domain where the flow is occuring. I want to compute the radial distribution of circulation at a particular slice (plane) taken from the cuboidal domain. So for calculating circulation, I need to choose multiple closed curves (circle in my case) to integrate the tangential component of velocity . My question is, how can I extract the velocity data along a circle from paraview. Is there any filter or tool to extract data along any closed curve in paraview ?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Toshan,

You can use an “Ellipse” source filter to generate a circle. Once you have your circle, you can use the “Resample With Dataset” filter (setting your source data set to be your data set holding the flow information and the destination to be the circle) to interpolate your flow field onto the circle.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much @jfausty.

Glad to help @Toshan !