How to calculate normal stress

Dear Cummunity,

I want to do some post processing in paraview.
In my exodus file I have 9 stress components stored both as the vectors and scalers. As the vector I have variables named as stress_x, stress_y, and stress_z. But as the scaler I have stress_x_X, stress_x_Y, stress_x_Z, stress_y_X, stress_y_Y, stress_y_Z, stress_z_X, stress_z_Y, and stress_z_Z. On one of the (2D) surfaces (named as fault) in domain I want to calculate the normal stress. The first thing is that I should find the three components of the normal on the surface (fault). I followed this discussion but I could find a solution for it. In each triangle on the surface I need to calculate the three coefficients whoen in the following figures as n1, n2 and n3. Then, the following matrix multiplication will allow to run a matrix calculation:

The t_vector can be finally used to calculate the normal stress value as a scaler (by the dot production of t_vector and normal coefficients):

I have also uploaded a zipped exodus file here.
Thanks a lot for any support regarding my issue for normal stress calculation. At the end I should have one normal stress value for each triangle of the surface.

Hi @Ali1990dashti

Use PythonCalculator or Calculator for this task, but first reconstruct the vector using MergeVectorComponents.

Hi @mwestphal ,
Thanks for the hint.