How to change mouse wheel behavior from Zoom to ZoomToMouse


In using vtk.js, I’ve noticed it’s possible to change mouse wheel behavior from Zoom, to ZoomToMouse. I’d like to do the same in the paraview GUI, but at the moment there are no options for mouse wheel behavior - just the mouse buttons.

Is anyone aware of some kind of work around to this? Or can it be added as a feature request?

Press control when zooming.

These behaviors can be set in the settings.

Thanks for the reply Mathieu :slight_smile:

What I was hoping to do, is change ZoomToMouse from CTRL+SCROLL to just SCROLL.

You can see below, there are behavior settings for all of the mouse buttons, but not for the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel factor can be set, but not mouse wheel action. Version 5.4.1 is pictures but it’s the same in 5.70 and 5.8.0.

Is there a hidden option somewhere for doing this?

Indeed ! I forgot that this option is not exposed. It should be !

Feel free to create a issue for a feature request.

Will do, thanks!

As a workaround, do you know if there is a way to set it via python? As far as I can tell, the mouse buttons, and buttons + CTRL/SHIFT are the only ones available (so 9 total), but maybe there is another way?


[‘Rotate’, ‘Pan’, ‘ZoomToMouse’, ‘Roll’, ‘None’, ‘Pan’, ‘Zoom’, ‘None’, ‘None’]

Dear all,

I have the same request. I opened a ticket for it: