How to change the default settings in Paraview lite?

Dear all,

I would like to change few default representations in Paraview lite. I have highlighted the needs of change in below points with example. Could anyone please shed a light on this on where I can change this either in or in

  1. When I open Paraview lite, it should directly show the parameter representation and not Surface. How can I make it possible to do that?

  2. I need the parameter, say Temp, to be default in the range of 28~36 (for eg). In Background with Paraview-current, I have made it as default. I thought Paraview lite would take these defaults settings and show it when I open.

If not correct, how can I modify the code to change it to default parameter values?

Below I have placed an image example for my default setting which is needed after opening paraview-lite without any extra button clicking.

Say, I have one file in the data. Basically, when I port to Paraview lite, it should directly show that file with the default settings as said above.

Any leads will be appreciated.

Sunag R A.

removing the -dr argument in your call with PVLite kept pv settings and should solve that issue.


I removed the -dr argument in the config file and the color palette worked.

But the range of the color palette is not adjusted as per my requirements. Even if I set the range in pv-current, it changes back to DataRange upon next opening.

So, I checked in for the relevant color transfer function code.

In paraview.lite.lut.get, I tried to change the lut.GetRange() to lut.SetRange(28.0, 36.0), the values as per my requirement.

But, I found Type error which says

TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable\n".

I found the vtk code in this link: vtk_setrange_doc

How do I set it to the range needed? Is it the format of addressing SetRange wrong?


Sunag R A.

Get the name of the class from your instance (print(lut.GetClassName())) and look at its API (Google class name).


I traced the color setting with python using python tracer in paraview and tried to implement in

Firstly, I manually set the dataRange as dataRange = (28.0, 36.0). This is done since these range would be constant throughout. This worked and showed in the server within this dataRange.

But the color transfer function values I used was

Value R G B 28.0 0 1 0 36.0 1 0 0

These value change in python trace showed as:

tLUT.RGBPoints = [28.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 36.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0]

Where do I modify this in the

After dataRange is set manually I have the color palette as shown below:

But, I want this color palette which takes when it used lut.GetRange(). This was done manually in paraview web lite. So, where to add the lut.RGBPoints so that it gets to this one as shown below:

Sunag R A.

Not sure, it depend when you want to perform the change.
But it may happen in the core protocols.