How to change variable names in Paraview imported with Plot3D formatted data files?

I am using Paraview to visualize plot3d formatted data files. I am importing the data file into ParaView using reader file with extension .p3d . So my flow variables are coming as Function0, Function1, Function2 etc like that, which originally denotes U-velocity, temperature, U-rms etc. I have 15 variables and it is difficult to identify the variables with these Function0 or Function15 names. Can you please tell me the way to change the flow variables names from Function0 to their original names? Here I am writing the Paraview reader file ( .p3d) code below.

Thanks in advance.


"auto-detect-format" : true,

"filenames" : [

                   { "time" : 1, "xyz" : "grid.x", "function" : "filename.f" }



At the end of your file, add a section that looks like:
“function-names”: [“uvelocity”, “temperature”, …]
I think this feature appeared somewhere around version 5.4.

Thank you very much.