how to convert flat image into volumetric object

Hi everyone,

I am trying to to convert a flat image into vector, so it can be convert in 3D modelisation in Paraview 5.9.0-RC1 on IOS. The flat image is a gradient from blue to red and each color is associate with a scale, so that can be manageable ?

i’ve been doing it for a turbulent flow .Vtk file, using matlab (modelisation of navier stroke equation)

in this operation i am using Delaunay3D filter on a .Tiff file but it’s taking a crazy amount of time and I don’t even know if its gonna work…
I’ve been trying to add a “warp by vector” but it’s not effective.

Please explain what is the expected result here ?


The attempt is to generate a volumetric shape that can be export as .obj, so it can be 3D printed.

The data from the base (the turbulent flow in blue and red) is a picture, .png . Somehow it seems to me that the scale (blue to red) can be transposed into a movement. I want to extract an equation (similar to navier stroke for exemple) that allow me to build a modelisation of the turbulence in application in that case.
Then, with it I wonder to generate a shape.

This is what WarpByVector is doing, maybe reduce the warp factor ?

Thanks for your reply.

I am currently out of a computer, can you show me where are the adjustment panel ? So I can dig it tonight…

But once it’s warped, is there an other easy way to generate an object ?

I was think about

filter > transform > scale

This is the only option in the warp by vector filter:

Thanks you for your time.

I’ll dig it soon

hi, i’am back at it, but i’ve been trying to redownload the image but it doesn’t even work at all. I guess image a wrong set up un paraview…

i know that .vtk is the best, maybe i can convert my file (.tiff / .png) into a .vtk/.vtp ?