How to create a cell data that is usable in Paraview?

I am new to data visualisation and I want to visualise a simplicial complex generated from a python library called Gudhi.

What I have is a csv file that lists 3D coordinates and another list that contains cells as lists.
For example: I have a csv like this:
vertex_no X Y Z
0 55.5 66.8 32.4
1 21.7 22.6 56.8
2 61.7 23.5 22.8
and so on…

Also I have another list of lists indicating the cells : [ [0,1,2,5], [1,5,7,8], [2,3,4,8], [4,5,6,7],…]
where the entries of the lists refers to the vertex_no.

I want to convert the list of cells to a cell data that I can use in paraview.

Kindly help.

Hi @arghya

That is quite specific. I see no other way but trough a programmable filter.