How to create a Developed view of a cylinder slice?

I would like to post-process some 3D calculations of an almost Axisymetrical geometry.
I like to make a cylinder slice of the domain and to transform this cylinder slice into a 2D develop view of the cylinder.

Is it possible to acheive this with paraview or shall I write some specific plugin?

I also run into trouble while trying to get some OrOz slice (plane slice centered at the Origin and with of normal at a given angle). I didn’t manage to position the camera properly.
I’ve tried to force the camera position in a python script like that:

viewUp=(0, 1, 0),

When angle = 0, it works but the reference frame seems wrong. The Oz axis should be where the Oy is plotted.
When angle = 45, I cannot see the plane. The reference frame seems also to be wrong.
How shall I position the camera to see the plane for any angle?


this post should help you out.