How to create a moving dataset for sampling ?


Is it possible within Paraview to create a moving dataset that follows a moving object?

A little bit of context:

I need to post-process a flow simulation around a moving airfoil. I have to use a dataset (such as an ellipse surrounding the airfoil) to sample data on it. While this is straightforward for a static mesh, I am curious if it is possible to have the dataset (in this case, the ellipse) move with the airfoil in its motion.

Any ideas?

Thank you

As a temporary solution, I had to:

  • Create the sampling dataset manually using Python for every timestep and save it as CSV files.

  • Load the CSV files, and apply the “Tables to points” filter. Then add a calculator filter to generate the coordinates vector of the dataset explicitly.

  • Export the data as .pvd data for all time steps.

  • Manually modify the .pvd file using GNU sed to use the correct timesteps (the same timesteps of the target simulation).

  • Load the simulation.

  • Load the .pvd file.

  • The dataset should follow the target object from the simulation.