how to create input file with sensors time series data

I am a newbie but I didn’t find an answer to my problem.

I have a geometric 3d model (a building) with:

  • many different types of sensors;
  • some with a vector measure (pendulum, topographic), the other scalar;

Data from sensors:

  • is very huge (about 100thousands of readings each sensor)
  • reading is in different time (some sensors read every hour, others every day etc.)

With examples I found the way to create in python the geometry of the model and set some scalar data to some points.
I used mehio library, defined points, cells and pont_data then, as the example:

mesh = meshio.Mesh(
    # Optionally provide extra data on points, cells, etc.
    # Each item in cell data must match the cells array
    "foo.vtk",  # str, os.PathLike, or buffer/open file
    # file_format="vtk",  # optional if first argument is a path; inferred from extension

Actually I don’t find the way to create timeseries structure for each sensor. I red about xdmf etc. but unsuccesfully.

Can someone help me on finding the way and some python code?

thanks in advance,