How to create surface vectors from components in 2 different .vtk files

Hi all,

I am rather new to Paraview and have been reading a bit about vector plotting techniques to indicate flow direction and velocity magnitudes. I am quite stuck, however, with my 2 files.

These are both .vtk files of the magnitude of the x and y components of a velocity field of a glacier. What I would like in the end is just a field of arrows which point in the direction of the flow and whose size correlates to the velocity magnitude. I have read about stream tracer but it stays greyed out for me. I wonder if anybody can help me or at least give me some guidance about how this can be done. Thanks!

x component: veloc_x.vtk - Google Drive
y component: veloc_y.vtk - Google Drive
(what I did to plot these:

  1. filter → threshold → lower threshold 0.1
  2. Representation: points with points size 25)

Answered on SO.

  • Append Attributes
  • Merge Vector Components
  • Glyph representation

Thanks for the answer! I tried your steps but I got the following result. Can you help me to improve this?

According to Matlab, it should look like this:

So, you have 2 ways to go:

  • in your Glyph filter, look for Glyph mode and choose All points
  • instead of the Glyph filter, display the output of theMergeComponents and select Glyph as the Representation in the Display Properties section (see some doc here)