How to create tree view in Pipeline Browser

Dear Experts,

I create a tree-view vtkMultiBlockDataSet, i can see this structure when open “MultiBlockInspector”, However, i want to “move” this tree-view into pipeline browser, it is more intuitive as i see it.

So my question is: is it possible to do this? How to do this?

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this is not possible. The Pipeline browser and Multiblock inspector show entirely different things: the former shows the processing pipeline while the latter shows the active dataset’s hierarchy.

Do you mean you want to move the Multi-block Inspector in line with the Pipeline Browser? If so, you can click on the title bar of the Multi-block Inspector window and drag it over the general area where the Pipeline Browser is to drop it somewhere where it is lined up. You can get it to look like this.

Hi Cory,
I want to create a similar tree view at Pipeline Browser, which can toggle show/hide for the block-tree.

In my situation, i created a composite blocks which contains sub-blocks, just like a tree view. However, i don’t want to use “Multi-block Inspector” to show/hide them, i want name each sub-block from its physical meaning and then control its visibility and colour from pipeline browser.

Thank you for your reply and help!

Hi Utkarsh,
Thank you for your reply, i have to need to create my own application based on paraview ?

Thanks for your reply and help!

Is it possible to make a reader, which contains reader and filter, that can output a tree view structure in the Pipeline Browser?

What i want is after user select files/folder, then a tree view will be create for them in the pipeline browser, further user can choose to show/hide sub-block or refine,change property for sub block

Sorry for the late reply. No, it isn’t possible with ParaView to show a tree view of a single dataset in the Pipeline Browser. You’ll need to provide a custom Qt widget in a custom ParaView-based application to support such a feature.

Thank you Cory for your reply!
Yes, we are developing our custom tree widget.

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