How to display lagrangian particles on a slice?

Dear all,

I have particles in a 3d column, but I want to display the particles at a slice (e.g., center-plane), how can I do it in ParaView? Any suggestions? Thanks!


Is there any suggestions? Very appreciate!

You have the Slice filter but it will display only exact intersection between the particles and the slicing plane, which may rarely occurs.

Yes, as @nicolas.vuaille says, trying to take an actual Slice of particle data generally does not work because the Slice is infinitesimally thin, and none of the particles in 3D position will be exactly on this plane. Instead, what you probably want is to find the particles in a thin region in the cross section.

You can do this by using the Clip filter. Change the Clip Type to Box and then drag the top and bottom of the box to the center of your column (or use the GUI controls to set the Length to a small but finite number in the dimension along the column and the Position to the center of the column).

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Thank you so much, that is exactly what I want!

As a follow-up to this answer, does ParaView support the Threshold filter on particle data? If so, it should be possible to Threshold on location data (if coordinates aren’t a dataset, then the Append Location Attributes filter should add them IIRC).

You can’t Threshold points only - Threshold applies only to datasets with cells. In practice, this means you might need to add vertex cells first, which you can do with the Mask filter and set the properties in the following way: On Ratio, 1; Maximum Number of Points, 1000000 (big number, more than the number of points in your dataset); Generate Vertices, ON; Single Vertex Per Cell, ON. The resulting output should have the same number of vertex cells as points, and you can Threshold away.

To create vertex on points, one can use the ConvertToPointCloud that is intended for this use.