How to display variable values in the view?

I would like to display the maximum pressure and other simulation variables in the screen view of ParaView. And I want to allow it to change over time as time progresses. Similar to Annotate Time Fileter, but with other variables.

Could someone please let me know how can I do this?

Sound like Python Annotation filter.

Filters -> Alphabetical -> Python Annotation

Thank you for your reply.

I have an additional question. How can I get the maximum value of an array of one variable?
I just used Python annotation filter but I cant find how to get the maximum of it.
Calculator filter does not have maximum function.

Thank you,

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the problem here, but there is a max function available in the Python Annotation filter Expression property. For example, if you want the maximum of array “MyArray”, you can set your Expression to max(MyArray).

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hello Cory,

I used the python annotation filter to find the max, but then where do I see the value exactly? I am trying to find the maximum volume ratio variable of bubble to cell volume along all cells in the mesh.

I have used Calculator and then used Python Annotation