How to edit the color scale legend format?

I want to color scale legend range to be a regular number, not in scientific notation.
For instance, instead of 1e1 I would like 10.
How can I change this so I alway see regular numbers?

Thank you.

  • Sources/ Alphabetical/ Wavelet.
  • Representation Surface. Color by RTData.
  • View/ Color Map Editor.
  • Click on the little color legend, with the ‘e’.
  • Advanced. (Little gear, upper right)
  • Now, change the Range Label format. It is in normal printf format.

Basically, change %-#6.1e to %-#6.1f.

Thank you for your reply.

I can’t find the Range Label Format after clicking on the gear item (upper right).
Could you please add a screen shoot so I can see that option?

Scroll down, or expand the size of the Edit Color Legend Properties.

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